Over one thousand years ago, the planet was sundered by the battle between the Primal Dragons Noaptecer and Lugrond, the personifications of the Heavens and the Earth, respectively. Their skirmishing brought about great wars on the surface, and many diverse races were wiped entirely from existence. Humanity was all that remained, as it took part in neither side but ruthlessly and xenophobically defended itself against any outside forces.

Left without worship, Noaptecer and Lugrond shriveled and shrunk to two small Salamanders, who were captured by the King of Aarde 103 years after the Sundering War began. He had them cooked and fed to the dogs in a public ceremony to celebrate the end of the war. Soon after, Aarde grew to great heights of power, and peace descended upon the planet. Great magicians repaired much of the planet, and soon life resumed.

Jump ahead to the year 1203, on the eve of a New Year. There is no religion, little war, and little disease in the Kingdom of Aarde. In the small fishing port of Nardin, the military of Aarde is about to commit the first significant amount of bloodshed in recent history, all because of a man named Isidore la Sangre.


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