Magic exists in three states: Solis, Luna, and Gaia. These three states are rarely interchangeable, and significantly differ in each other.


Avengers, Clerics, Paladins, and Invokers are all capable of tapping in to magic in the Solis state. This was originally thought to be the work of Lugon, but after her death, Solis continued to exist and religion was mostly removed.

Solis manifests strongly in places related to light, openness, and heat. Its positive attribute is courage, its negative is ruthlessness.


Wizards, Sorcerers, Swordmages, and Assassins use Luna state to power their abilities. There is little debate that Luna existed long before either Primal Dragon, and so no religious notion was ever brought up around it. It tends to be more destructive than Solis, and less capable of bringing good fortune to companions.

Luna manifests strongly in places related to darkness, forests or cities, and the cold. Its positive attribute is tact, its negative is manipulation.


Shamans, Druids, Barbarians, and Wardens tap in to Gaia as their main source of energy. Gaia remains relatively revered and is the closest thing to religion in the world. It uses the power of the earth and life to create energy, and can either be incredibly destructive or incredibly restorative. Gaia is the balance between good and evil, excess and sparsity, and peanut butter and jelly.

Gaia manifests strongly everywhere, especially when surrounded by nature or underground. Its positive attribute is impartiality, while its negative attribute is apathy.


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