Government in Aarde is best described as a feudal democracy; the King, chosen by succession which is not necessarily familial in nature, is essentially the highest Judge in the entire land, and presides over the Council of Princes, and approves all civil servant appointments in the nation. The Council of Princes consist of the Blood Princes, seated in red thrones, and the Heart Princes, seated in blue thrones. The Blood Princes are related to the King and his family, while the Heart Princes are the sons of other noblemen who have earned the respect of the King, or have received a vote of confidence from the General Court.

The King chooses a Prince from this council to be his successor, though this can be rescinded at any time. The Princes propose laws, rule over the nobles, and do work for the King – essentially, they are the height of bureaucracy. They are also the scapegoats for most political blunders in the Kingdom, and complaints about their position results in termination.

The General Court consists of the Patrons of each community, with a vote representing the entire community’s say in any law. Individual communities have their own local laws, which are superseded by General Court orders, unless the law refers to the taxation of the community, in which case General Court orders cannot mandate an increase in taxation, only the creation of a new tax.

All patrons are immediately a part of the General Court, though they need not actually attend in order to cast their vote.


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